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Hemp Board is Now Available from Gane!  The perfect product for anyone involved in the rapidly expanding cannabis, CBD, and CBD Beauty Products packaging market, as well as traditional publishing projects.

Whether using for traditional uses like book covers, binders, and menus or a classy aesthetic for box cover material, luxury packaging and spirit packaging, Arrestox® B-Cloth is the choice. 

​Try Mano by Corvon® when your project requires an attractive soft touch appeal. Perfect for Hinged Box Wrap, Rigid Setup Box Wrap, or Slip Cases.  

Matador® is an eco-friendly soft-touch material that offers the lush lavish feel of imported PU without the cost.  Take a closer look at this  Soft Touch material.

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Our parent company, Gane Brothers & Lane provides our material in all shapes and sizes.

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Having warping problems with your board?  Our Coverboard Graphic Board  offers superior lay-flat.  Take a look why.

Mano by Corvon® offers a soft-touch feel to meet your visual and tactile objectives. Latex-saturated decorative covering material with a Polyurethane surface for set-up box and book coverings.  


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There is a lot of information available to you from our website.  Take a few minutes to watch this video and see what information  you can find.

When your project requires the most stable, warp resistant board, choose Gane EuroWhite™ White One-Side Graphic Board.