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.050       28" x 44"; 1,000 sheets per pallet
.052       23" x 45"; 1,000 sheets per pallet
.052       28" x 45"; 1,000 sheets per pallet
.052       36" x 50"; 1,000 sheets per pallet
.055       26" x 40"; 1,000 sheets per pallet
.060       26" x 38"; 1,000 sheets per pallet
.080       23" x 45"; 700 sheets per pallet
.080       40" x 28"; 700 sheets per pallet
.080       26" X 38"; 700 sheets per pallet

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White VAT Lined Chipboard

White one-side Vat lined
More economical than SBS board
Made from recycled paper and cardboard
Compostable and recyclable
Manufactured in USA

Gane Brothers & Lane

If you are making a box, package, display, or anything which requires a white finished surface, you can save money with One-Side Packaging Board. Less expensive than white SBS board, White Vat lined board works perfectly where only one side is visible. This product goes by many names, and you may also hear it called: White 1-side board, White 1-side Chipboard, CCNB - Clay Coated News Back, CCKB - Clay Coated Kraft Back, and White Vat Lined Board 1-side.

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